Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Discussion question 2

I agree with Mora’s statement about the treatment if U.S. citizen and non citizens in a time of war. This is because all humans should have basic civil liberties and should not be humiliated through the use of torture and cruelty. I asked my friend the same exact question about Mora’s statements. She agreed that these citizens should be treated equal, because they are human as well and deserve to be treated in a humane way. She also believes the use of torture and cruelty is wrong in times of war, and in general. She says that cruelty and torture can have a very fine line between them; however, they both humiliate humans and negatively impact one’s mental health. I agreed with her on this statement and asked her what she thinks the government could do about torture and cruelty. She stated that the government needs to play an active role in the elimination of torture and cruelty techniques. As she stated once before, citizens and noncitizens should be treated equally because we all are human and deserve to be treated in a respectful way. She said that the U.S. government and militia should be responsible for making these decisions about torture and cruelty. The government and militia should stay away from these techniques unless it must be used in emergency situations. I agree with my friend on her statements because every citizen deserves to be treated in a humane way that does not harm them in any way.

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  1. Hey! I really enjoyed reading your blog post on the treatment of noncitizen detainees, and the torture/cruelty that they endure! Your statement on humiliation and equal treatment, and I agree fully! It really resinated with a lot of the ideas that you were presenting. I found it interesting that your friend also found that torture should not be the solution, even if they are not an American Citizen! I also found it intriguing that in your passage you talked about alternatives, or precautions!